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Olivia Abtahi


Born to an Iranian and Argentinian family, Olivia has struggled with government identity politics  since her first PSAT in 10th grade. A commercial and documentary director by day, M.E.N.A. is Olivia's quest for truth in the medium she knows best. 


Trevr Merchant

Director of Photography

Trevr Merchant is a talented still and motion photographer who specializes in bringing humility and humanity to every shoot.    

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José Chalit


José was born in Mexico to a mixed Lebanese heritage, and spent the last 5 years directing, editing and producing films focused on culture shifting and social analysis in the U.S. Since his last short, "La Fuerza Interna", finished in the festival circuit, José has been eager to work on a project like M.E.N.A. that is both close to home and urgently necessary. 



Kelsie Clegg

Art Director

Kelsie hails from a background in advertising, and uses her talents to highlight causes she believes in. While M.E.N.A. is her first long-form film experience, she spends as much time as she can on social justice projects.  


Whitney Toutenhoofd

Production Assistant

Born and raised in Boulder, Whitney has a passion for photography and film. As our summer production assistant, Whitney manages our social media and grant-applications, along with PA duties on shoots.