Olivia Abtahi

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PErfectly parvin, Putnam books for young readers, spring 2021

When Parvin Mohammadi sets out to get Matty Fumero—the cutest boy at school—to ask her to homecoming, she creates a foolproof plan to win him over: 1) Don't talk so much; 2) Act like the heroines in her favorite rom-coms; 3) Basically be everything she's not. But a different boy from Farsi class may derail her plans by liking her just as she is. 

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Twin Flames, Tu Books, Fall 2021

Twin Flames is a young adult fantasy about twins Leila and Bianca, who are counting the days until high school graduation so they can escape their small Virginia town. When Leila receives a mysterious power, the twins suddenly have a whole new world to explore—until a relapse of Bianca’s childhood illness threatens everything.

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Untitled Book #2, Putnam books for young readers, spring 2022